To be the online hub of Filipino Instrumentation Professionals,  students and other related practice offering supplemental technical write-ups, job information, and training schedules.

To be the voice of the said people about their needs by utilizing opinion gathering tools.

To offer different variety of entrepreneurial activities / investment to professionals by partnering with successful online entrepreneurs.

To offer technical consultation services, supplemental trainings to practitioners and endorsements to companies or training centers who can cater the needs of the practitioners and students.

To be the online resource of Instrumentation Technology and Engineering students, to aid them in their studies.

To help build the official identity of Instrumentation Technology and Engineering in the Philippines similar to counterpart technologies existing today.


Pinoy Instrumentation will be the prime mover of the evolution of Instrumentation Practice in the Philippines. This community will promote awareness and improve professionalism by means of a Non-Partisan view and independent technical references.

Utilizing modern tools, webinars and live technological sessions will be conducted and guest speakers will be invited to serve as resource person.

Pinoy Instrumentation will be the affiliate of the pioneer organizations. Utilizing the potential of the community, Pinoy Instrumentation will bridge the gap between professionals and the organization.

Pinoy Instrumentation will help professionals venture into entrepreneurial activities.